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Category:SG-5 series pressure control switch
Release date:2020-07-28 09:07:42
SG-5 series pressure control switch is a mechanical pressure control device used to control the air compressor to automatically start and stop within the preset pressure value range. The device is flexible to install, easy to use, durable, and is usually set at the factory. It is closed and equipped with a relief valve to avoid starting the motor load, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Products with special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

technical parameter:
                                                                                                                                                                            Unit conversion: 1kgf/cm2=14.2PSI 1Bar=14.5PSI
model Pressure adjustment range kgf/cm2 Differential pressure adjustment range kgf/cm2 Factory pressure setting high value kgf/cm2 Rated voltage/current Common interface standards
SG-5  6.0-12.5

SG-5 order number: interface form + interface thread + release valve form + release valve inner diameter + pressure setting + wire clamp form + handle form + pressure setting high value
Interface form display method Interface thread display method Relief valve form display method Inner diameter of relief valve display method Clamp form display method Handle form display method
Iron single pass internal thread A G1/4 1 No-load release valve W No-load release valve 0 Rubber clamp A no 0
Aluminum four-way female thread B G3/8 2 vertical V ¢6.0 1 Certified wire clip B Long curved handle 1
Iron single-pass external thread C ZG1/4 3 Level L ¢6.4 2     Long straight handle 2
    ZG3/8 4       3     Short straight handle 3
    NPT1/4 5                

Example: SG-5B1V2B3/8kgf/cm2 is aluminum four-way with G1/4 thread, vertical relief valve inner diameter is ¢6.4, with certified wire clamp and short straight handle, the high pressure setting is 8kgf/cm2

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