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Development trend and market prospect of heat treatment technology equipment


(1) Vacuum heat treatment equipment
Vacuum heat treatment technology has the advantages of no oxidation, no decarburization and small distortion. It is also one of the main signs of the advancement of contemporary heat treatment technology. It is more and more widely used in aerospace, ordnance military industry, electronics, especially mold and other industries. The output of the heat treatment furnace is about 500 sets. On the one hand, the vacuum heat treatment equipment market is huge; on the other hand, there are also many equipment suppliers. The fierce market competition has prompted businesses to further improve product quality and strengthen service awareness. There are a total of 20 vacuum furnace manufacturers participating in this exhibition, with overseas manufacturers and domestic enterprises basically accounting for half of each. Ipsen Industrial Furnace (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Germany IVA (Yifa) Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Japan JH (Japan Hayes) Corporation, ALD Vacuum Industry Co., Ltd., Germany SCHMETZ, Germany PVA, France BMI, ECM, Kang Sachs and others have brought their own new technology and new equipment. For example, JH (Japan Hayes) company exhibited the acetylene vacuum carburizing technology, the French ECM company introduced the low-pressure vacuum carburizing technology, the German SCHMETZ company's products are characterized by high-pressure gas quenching furnace, two-way cooling system, deep cooling system, mainly used for industrial Mold industry; ALD Vacuum Industry Co., Ltd. is also an old-style vacuum furnace manufacturer, the main products are single and double chamber, modular vacuum high-pressure carburizing gas quenching furnace, etc.; the main products of German PVA company are high-temperature vacuum furnace and brazing furnace, France BMI's main products are high-pressure gas quenching, oil-quenching vacuum furnaces and low-pressure carburizing and nitriding furnaces. Konsak is now affiliated with Yingda Group. It mainly produces various vacuum heat treatment furnaces with high precision temperature control. It is mainly used for The aerospace industry recently built a factory in Wuxi, China. Domestic vacuum heat treatment equipment technology has developed rapidly, winning the market with superior quality, price advantage and good service. Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Second Research Institute, Beijing Qixing Huachuang Electronics Co., Ltd. Industrial Furnace Company, Beijing Huaxiang Electric Furnace Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huahai Zhongyi Vacuum Industrial Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Beijing Yi Sim Industrial Furnace Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hanzhong Hanjiang Tools Saip Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Aftec Zhongbei Vacuum (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hengjin Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., Shenyang Jiayu Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., etc. participated in the exhibition, including Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has outstanding performance in equipment quality and complete set of technical services. Hanzhong Hanjiang Tools Saip Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. also provides heat treatment processing services while manufacturing equipment. Aftec Zhongbei Vacuum (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by Japan Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Zhongbei Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates vacuum acquisition, vacuum measurement equipment and vacuum application equipment. The product has a vacuum sintering furnace And vacuum heat treatment furnace, mainly for IT equipment industry and new material equipment.
   (2) Controlled atmosphere heat treatment equipment
   Controlled atmosphere heat treatment equipment is widely used and widely used in automobiles, molds, bearings, petroleum industry, etc. Participants in this exhibition were Ipsen Industrial Furnace (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Axelin Industrial Furnace Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Germany IVA (Yifa) Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Italy COFI Group Company, and Japan Dowa Mining Co. , Ltd, Beijing Gilded Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., FAW Jiaxin Heat Treatment Electroplating Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Canaan Electric Heating Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baohuawei Heat Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., Yancheng Fengdong Heat Treatment Co., Ltd., Nanjing Nanda Furnace Industry Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Changjiang Heat Treatment Equipment Factory), Hangzhou Jinzhou Electric Furnace Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changjiang Electric Furnace Factory, Foshan Yango Furnace Co., Ltd., Minsheng Group Electric Heating Technology Engineering Company, Nanjing Changjiang Electric Furnace Factory Co., Ltd., Nanjing Changhong Electric Furnace Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongjia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shichuang Metal Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Dingyuan Industrial Furnace New Technology Development Co., Ltd., Taizhou Canon Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanbei Jianxing Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Changping Jianxing Electric Furnace Factory), Nanjing Xinguangying Furnace Co., Ltd., Nanjing Sheshan Electric Furnace General Factory, etc. Among them, the multi-purpose furnace of Ipsen Industrial Furnace (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the pusher furnace and large pit furnace of Aixelin Industrial Furnace Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and the pre-evacuated vacuum multi-purpose furnace of Yancheng Fengdong Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. , Has a good sales performance in the domestic market; the Italian COFI Group company is the first time to participate in our exhibition, the company was established in 1976, the production of controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, low-pressure nitriding furnace and other heat treatment equipment; Japan Tonghe Mining Co., Ltd. The company is developing with the development of the automobile industry, and has successively developed small continuous furnaces, and has originality in carburizing, nitrocarburizing and low temperature sulfurizing; German IVA (Yifa) Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. will build a factory in Shanghai , Its gas nitriding furnace is unique; FAW Jiaxin Heat Treatment Electroplating Technology Co., Ltd. integrates heat treatment and electroplating equipment manufacturing and processing services, and independently develops supporting technologies such as sealed box furnaces and continuous carburizing production lines. Very good, Guangdong Shichuang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. introduced and absorbed foreign new technologies, while relying on the advantages of college talents, successfully developed a bottom-loading vertical multi-purpose furnace and an intelligent mesh belt heat treatment production line; Shanghai Baohuawei Heat Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. May last year Signed a technical cooperation agreement with AFC-HOLCROFT and officially became its manufacturing partner in China. Shanghai Zhongjia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is a former Shanghai Electric Furnace Factory restructuring enterprise, producing various heat treatment equipment.
   (3) Plasma surface heat treatment
   Plasma surface treatment is widely used for its characteristics of wear resistance, small distortion, good appearance and no blind area. Ipsen Industrial Furnace (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Bodick International Co., Ltd., Austria Rubig (Rubig) Company, Wuhan Heat Treatment Research Institute and other exhibited their new technology and new equipment in this field. Austrian Rubig (Rubig) company was established in 1946, specializing in the production of ion nitriding, ion nitrocarburizing, ion carburizing, ion oxidation and other equipment. The research on heat treatment in Wuhan is special in the development and application of ion nitriding, gas nitriding and multi-component co-nitriding processes and the production of special equipment.
   2 Induction heating power supply and quenching machine tool manufacturing
The induction heating power supply and quenching machine tool manufacturers participating in this exhibition include Yifudi Induction Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Yingda Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Aixielin Industrial Furnace Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tsinghua Power Electronics, Zhongnan Electric Furnace Manufacturing Factory, Zhengzhou Guoyun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronics Co., Ltd., Luoyang Shenghua Induction Heating Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shuangping Power Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Tongji Electronics Co., Ltd., Baoding Hengyan Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Ninth Machine Tool Plant, Tianjin Tianfeng High Frequency Induction Hardening Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hengjing Electromechanical Equipment Company, Tianjin Jinneng Power Electronics Co., Ltd., Yancheng Fengdong Heat Treatment Co., Ltd., Tieling Julong High Frequency Equipment Companies, including Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shuangping Power Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hengjing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Jinneng Power Electronics Co., Ltd. have large booths, elaborate decoration, physical display, and live demonstrations. The effect is better. The EFD Group company is formed by ELVA of Norway, FDF of Germany and CFEI of France. Yifudi Sensor Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group company built in China. It completed the second phase of expansion in the first half of this year. The products include induction hardening (tempering) machine tools, welded pipe equipment, portable induction brazing equipment, etc.; Yingda Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingda Company in China. It mainly produces induction hardening machine tools for the automotive industry. service. Fengdong Company recently established Yancheng High Frequency Thermal Refining Co., Ltd. with Japan High Frequency Thermal Refining Co., Ltd., thus realizing three product series of atmospheric heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment and induction heat treatment.
  3 Heat treatment process control system
   The reliability of heating equipment and process depends on the reliability of mechanical actions, electrical components, instruments, sensors and the entire system. This problem has always been a bottleneck that has troubled the level of heat treatment technology and equipment development in my country. Nowadays, control components and control systems have been greatly developed, market supply and technical services are becoming more and more convenient, high-quality products abroad can be bought at home, and domestic products have also made considerable development, users can Select the grade of the product according to the actual demand. This exhibition can be described as the gathering of domestic and foreign products. There are nearly 20 participating enterprises, including overseas enterprises, agency companies, and domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises. For example, foreign companies include German demig company, Marathon (Beijing) Monitoring System Technology Co., Ltd., and German Stange company. Among them, German demig company also brings wonderful technical reports to the audience. The content involves the heat treatment process control system, monitoring system, simulated automatic diffusion And automatic diffusion technology; Marathon’s products are already familiar to domestic counterparts, and a wholly-owned company was established in Beijing this year; German Stange is exhibiting for the first time. Its main products include temperature controllers, industrial controllers, oxygen probes, hydrogen probes and superiors Machine control software. In addition, Continental Automation Equipment (Far East) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xitong Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Ximan Automation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shengmao Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Quanmi Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Pete Yongchang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huijietong New Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jingxin Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tianming Heat Treatment Application Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Huamin Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. have both an agency business and their own products, which can directly undertake the control system. Design and installation. Chongqing Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd. It mainly produces smart transmitter analyzers and digital smart regulators. Beijing Lei Tai Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd./ Lei Tai (China) Company takes temperature control as the main product, Jiangyin Tongji Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to the development of heating power, and Harbin Jinxin Electric Co., Ltd. produces industrial furnaces and computer industrial control systems. Therefore, the patented products of Shenyang Dongda Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. are tungsten oxide-resistant rhenium thermocouples, carburizing furnaces and high-temperature salt furnace special thermocouples.
  4 Auxiliary materials and supporting equipment
  Quenching medium and other process materials  Quenching medium is a more widely used process material in production, which directly affects the performance and distortion of parts after quenching. At present, the manufacturers are actively measuring the performance of the quenching medium, conducting process experiments and purchasing cooling systems for users while supplying. The exhibitors include Houghton (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shanghai PETROFER Special Lubricant Co., Ltd., Shanghai Foss Oil Co., Ltd., Beijing Huali Fine Chemical Company, Nanjing Kerun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. , Wafangdian Rongtong Heat Treatment Technology Service Center and Xi'an Beiheng Heat Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. Among them, Shanghai Flowserve Company participated in the exhibition for the first time. The produced THERMISOL series quenching oil has high thermal stability, fast cooling speed, low volatility and environmental protection. Beijing Huali and Nanjing Kerun have developed rapidly recently and their market shares have increased. Xi'an Beiheng Company is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of chemical penetration enhancers. Exhibitors of heating elements and furnace hangers include Germany Kelfa Industrial Heating Equipment Co., Ltd., France Aifuyi Technology Company, Xinghua Xinhua Alloy Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Dongming Group Co., Ltd., Zhongnan Electric Furnace Manufacturing Factory, Tianjin Bao Alfa, etc. Among them, Germany Kelfa Industrial Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and research of industrial furnace combination linings. It has achieved a better combination of industrial furnace heating systems and heat insulation systems. Its vacuum combination linings can increase furnace life3 More than times, the furnace temperature uniformity is improved, and the use temperature is as high as 1600 ℃. France Aifuyi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and production of heat treatment tooling tools. The products are heat-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and have light weight, long life and good safety. Xinghua Xinhua Alloy Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. produces heating elements and heat-resistant steel supporting products. The production base of special high-temperature circulating fans (motors) is mainly concentrated in Harbin. Participants in this exhibition include Harbin Feilong Special Motor Factory, Harbin Binda Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Binna Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Harbin Jinlong Special Motor Co., Ltd. Supporting manufacturers such as heat treatment furnace linings and cooling systems are becoming more and more professional. This time, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 711 Research Institute, Beijing Huahai Zhongyi Vacuum Industrial Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Baoding Hengyan Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , Beijing Sanye Carbon Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Carbon Fiber Factory, Zhejiang Oshman Crystal Fiber Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Wuyu Chemical Co., Ltd. Wu Yu Chemical mainly produces carbon fiber tow in the field of heat and heat insulation materials, which is characterized by high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Nantong Tongyang Adsorption Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. takes pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment as its main product
  5 Quality inspection technology and equipment
  The heat treatment process determines and affects the intrinsic quality and service life of the parts. Quality inspection before and after the process is crucial. Times Group mainly produces various hardness testers, thickness gauges, flaw detectors, etc. Changchun Testing Machine Research Institute is the national technology testing unit in the testing machine industry and has strong technical advantages. Beijing Wantai Electromechanical Technology Development Company is mainly engaged in the technical development, production and sales of testing instruments, optical instruments and supporting equipment.
  6 Heat treatment and surface engineering processing services
  The participation of heat treatment and surface engineering processing services in the exhibition is one of the highlights of this exhibition. It also marks the development of my country's heat treatment industry to a new stage. It attaches importance to equipment innovation and realizes process innovation, equipment and process development. The well-known company in the international professional heat treatment industry, Bodick Multinational Corporation, has participated in the exhibition since last year. This year, it completed the registration of a wholly-owned company in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and built a previous heat treatment plant in China, and has since entered the Chinese market. The company is mainly engaged in external processing services in heat treatment, material testing, hot isostatic pressing and metallurgical coating. It has established more than 260 factories in 26 countries around the world. IEF (HEF) Surface Treatment Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and previously established 6 subsidiaries in China. The main business and research scope of HEF Group include chemical heat treatment and controlled liquid ion heat treatment, vacuum deposition coating technology and equipment, solid lubrication and other functional coating technology, metal surface cleaning technology, etc.
   In addition, many heat treatment equipment factories have established their own heat treatment processing service centers, on the one hand to provide process test bases for themselves and users, while undertaking external processing business. For example, Fengdong Company has established heat treatment processing service centers in Shanghai and Qingdao successively. Both Changchun FAW Jiaxin Company and Guangdong Shichuang Company have equipment and processing, and some service projects have also been extended to electroplating and surface treatment. In recent years, the heat treatment market has continued to maintain a hot trend, and corporate restructuring is gradually being completed. Private enterprises have continued to grow and develop, and technological transformation and equipment updates are in full swing. However, with the continuous influx of foreign manufacturing, heat treatment equipment factories and professional factories serving them Following this, market competition will become more and more fierce. Technological innovation will always be the driving force for enterprise development. Market competition is actually competition for talents. Intellectual property rights and talent training are also
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